Iron Man 3 basic operations raiders

Iron Man 3 operating strategy one: move method. Although the game joined 3D effects, but in moving, we only skills in four directions of the mobile, mobile specific method is very simple, as long as you hold down the iron man’s low-end not loose, and then want to move in the direction of the drag, iron man moved to the corresponding position. In the game,you must pay attention to the mobile’s reaction very demanding, in addition to reaction ability, also have enough pre sentence, for example early to judge the right incoming missile attack range, and then corresponding to the direction of movement of the can and.

Introduction of Iron Man 3 attack
Iron Man 3: two map replacement method. The game is not only a map, and temple run 2 oz a copy of the map is similar to the magic, in the Iron Man 3 game, there is a distance meter, is the picture the upper right corner of the circle, as long as you run a sufficient distance, it will be full, then you may go to the next level, but before then, game player may encounter a variety of BOSS, the BOSS is not powerful armor.

Iron Man 3 mobile phone game scene
Iron Man 3 operating strategy three: attack mode. Although there is a similar to Parkour game, but IOS/ Android Iron Man 3 is joined in the attack, in the enjoyment of go by like the wind like pleasure flying at the same time, fighting a fierce I believe that many game player love.

In the game, the enemy appears, the body will have a circle, we can through the click fast these circles to destroy the enemy, you can also click here suggest a few enemies, or with the number of the late enemy increased after the game, simply to destroy than a. And some of the enemy in the game cannot be attacked, such as incoming missiles and fly the aircraft, we in addition to escape, there is no other way.



Producer Wyck Godfrey introduce the new of the film version of GearsofWar GearsofWar

GearsofWar” adopts the more suitable tactics action elements of third person perspective in the game , game player will play the protagonist Marcus Feeley, led his armed squad and “Locust Horde” to start the battle of wits and war.

GearsofWar game scene
On the battlefield,anywhere could be attacked shaped by the deadly , in addition to good judgment, how to effectively seek interactive scene to cover and how to survive and teammates effectively cooperation is necessary. But for this picture powerful game, a lot of people are looking forward the film version of the mobile phone game.

The game monster
In a Making Of video interview, Producer Wyck Godfrey of GearsofWar confirmed that he is working with the famous director Len Wiseman (representative: “die hard”, “Underworld”) as well as Legendary Pictures and new line cinema, cooperation.

Godfrey said, “what the more difficult problem is how to avoid let the world become be reduced to fragments in the fight. I think we should focus on creating a normal world, then is E-Day. We want to describe in a destructive E-Day 48 hours, how people escape. As “Kolov” in the same file. Trying to portray a hostile alien planet is a very troublesome thing.”

Billy Ray is a recent adaptation of Chris Morgan’s original “war machine” script.

BioShock 2 raiders introduction

BioShock 2” is a science fiction FPS shooting game. In the relevant phone game boxes introduce, the game’s plot to undertake before “BioShock”, a series of strange events in the coastline of the Atlantic coast, legend of a monster infested caught many little girls into the seabed, game player will enter the city to answer these puzzling questions. Although the protagonist changes, but some abilities and weapons use the same ,you can attack more,the players will face higher artificial intelligence.

Stanley Poole
The scene begins, there will be a locked room, there will be a people power machine room, as long as to enter the password “1080” to open the door. Upgraded weapons, you can continue to train station direction, find a woman named Stanley Poole who trigger a plot.

Gil Alexander record
At the reception desk you can find Gil Alexander record, there will be into the security room task updates, but the door controller security room, but it is not able to use, therefore you had to think another way in. Then the game player according to the direction of the arrow, signal to destroy four Gil. As the game player damage to third signal, big sister will appear to hinder the advance game player, this time not stingy rocket spear, and with a sigh of relief to her to knock down shock.

Big Daddy
The next task is to find the plant there is Adam’s four line, as long as toward the arrows can easily complete the task. Special remind game player is, start from here almost all Big Daddy, occasionally see the shift at Big Daddy suggested to keep the blood war, and Eva in the full state, to prepare for possible period of want or need.

Come to the children’s ward, game player will once again plunged into a bitter struggle, a lot of shift and chart of big emerging, almost let game player ammunition. Set the trap bomb and Mini-Turret, with Summon Eleanor and Telekinesis interactive use,it is the key to winning breakout.