Hand tour of this market in the end how much?

In popularity of smart phones tide context, everybody Gamer, playing games is the trend of fragmentation time in less than a year’s time , mobile games become a foregone FMCG industry consensus . I have personally participated in the beginning of a particular handedness tour application media creation, while I stood on the media ‘s perspective also predicted : hand travel within a year, the media will usher in a large outbreak .

Enter any one industry from scratch after a period of rapid growth , especially with the public significance of the industry, which is derived vertical type of media will be success and prosperity , mobile games are no exception. However, the hand travel media entrepreneurs tide coming faster than expected at least a quarter .

In addition to proximity to trees, appearing early 5253 hand travel portals and travel hand -net , fascinated network , tigers game -play hall and other travel sites focus on hand in these six months, on-line and quickly accumulate popularity .

Hand travel media platter

Hand travel media plates much ? We can roughly calculate T account .

In September Developers Conference held in autumn , touch technology CEO Chen Haozhi publish such a set of data: 2014, mobile gaming scale ironclad will more than 24 billion yuan . By 2015, China mobile games market will reach 40 billion scale – this is the level of reference 2010 side tour .

This article examines the specific to the website or vertically to form vertical class App hand travel media , their share of the cake to be slightly smaller , but a conservative estimate there are more than 2.0 billion plate.

Hand travel vertical development of new trends in the media

Hand travel with the side trips and has a very big difference , reflected in ecologically relevant media , there will be significant differences , embodied in several ” new” – new users, new scenes and new requirements emerge .

However, in 2013 started commercial operation some hand travel vertical type of media , there was a lot of impressive fresh content.

Entrepreneurship is a near obsession with net new vertical media samples . Choose from a hand net fascinated Tour Guide to start the construction of a weak distinctive advertising and strong social media hand tour .

The answer is a lot of gamers scattered in the bar , watercress group , as well as large and small forums . This shows that the traditional information- based fighting game type of information the media can only meet part of their needs.

Judging judgment, hand travel vertical media space for development, and the page than the end of the tour many times larger media tour .


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