Iron Man 3 basic operations raiders

Iron Man 3 operating strategy one: move method. Although the game joined 3D effects, but in moving, we only skills in four directions of the mobile, mobile specific method is very simple, as long as you hold down the iron man’s low-end not loose, and then want to move in the direction of the drag, iron man moved to the corresponding position. In the game,you must pay attention to the mobile’s reaction very demanding, in addition to reaction ability, also have enough pre sentence, for example early to judge the right incoming missile attack range, and then corresponding to the direction of movement of the can and.

Introduction of Iron Man 3 attack
Iron Man 3: two map replacement method. The game is not only a map, and temple run 2 oz a copy of the map is similar to the magic, in the Iron Man 3 game, there is a distance meter, is the picture the upper right corner of the circle, as long as you run a sufficient distance, it will be full, then you may go to the next level, but before then, game player may encounter a variety of BOSS, the BOSS is not powerful armor.

Iron Man 3 mobile phone game scene
Iron Man 3 operating strategy three: attack mode. Although there is a similar to Parkour game, but IOS/ Android Iron Man 3 is joined in the attack, in the enjoyment of go by like the wind like pleasure flying at the same time, fighting a fierce I believe that many game player love.

In the game, the enemy appears, the body will have a circle, we can through the click fast these circles to destroy the enemy, you can also click here suggest a few enemies, or with the number of the late enemy increased after the game, simply to destroy than a. And some of the enemy in the game cannot be attacked, such as incoming missiles and fly the aircraft, we in addition to escape, there is no other way.



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